Tax Preparation

From personal tax returns for individuals to tax preparation for small business ReadyGo tax services has experience you can trust. We work with clients in all 50 states and US territories to provide expert tax services. ReadyGo tax services can also help with un-filed taxes from previous years. We’re constantly refining our skills and staying informed of changes in order to stay ahead of the ever changing tax laws. We make it our mission to keep pace with the most current Federal and State tax regulations in order to prepare accurate tax returns for all of our clients. Our goal is to offer reliable tax preparation services to all our clients.


When should I start filing?

E-file start date changes every year, but usually the day to start filing occurs in the middle of January.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

On average it takes up to 21 days to receive a refund. This can change with new IRS regulations.

What credits I’m I entitled to?

Everyone has different circumstances that may qualify for different credits. Most of the common credits are Earned income, child tax & educational. Hiring a professional to determine the credits entitled to you is the most recommended.

What is the cost of your tax preparation services?

Every case is different, until an expert doesn’t review what exactly has to be done, it is really hard to determine what would be the cost to prepare your return. We do offer a FREE consultation to provide the estimate of the services needed.

What is needed to file a return?

  • ANY form of Identification

  • Social security cards for taxpayer & dependents

  • Birth certificate of children OR medical/ school records ( ONLY IF YOU HAVE DEPENDENTS)

  • Wages forms ( w2s , 1099’s which includes 1099M, 1099G, 1099R, 1009SA )

  • Expenses such as receipts or balance sheet ( IF NEEDED )

  • Educational forms ( 1098T) - ONLY IF RECEIVING EDUCATIONAL CREDIT

  • Healthcare forms ( 1095A, 1095B or 1095C) - (ONLY IF YOU HAVE MEDICAL COVERAGE)

  • Bank form/ or check ( IF WANTING DIRECT DEPOSIT )

Does ReadyGo tax work with Self employed?

Yes, we work with all types of individual tax returns. Refer to Small Business services.

What ways can I receive my refund?

You can receive your funds through check, direct deposit or prepaid card given at the office at the time of filing.

I don’t have the money upfront to pay for tax preparation, what are my options?

ReadyGo tax offers tax preparation without any money upfront. We wait for our services to be paid when the IRS pays the taxpayer.