Audit defense

ReadyGo tax has got you covered. If a taxpayer gets audited by the IRS or receives a letter requiring additional documentation, our audit defense services assist by representing you. This representation can cover gathering needed documents, gathering a plan to respond to IRS with professional response, and negotiating with IRS if need be. In no way does audit defense avoid tax audits or tax penalties, it does however assist in proving what’s been filed and at what times minimizing penalties. ReadyGo Tax assists with these audits to minimize penalties and even defending of IRS errors. We determine the best possible outcome on a case by case basis.


Why is the IRS auditing my return?

The IRS has a system in which it randomly selects a return for audits. At times, when a tax payer has major changes from previous years, it might alert the system for an audit.

If I get audited, does that mean that there is an an error in my filing?

 The possibility is there, some times wages are missing from the return or customer received aid from the government that wasn’t reported or even a dependent was reported on another return and the IRS is needed to verify who qualifies for the credits.

What is the time frame to receive funds if return is audited?

Usually it can take 12 weeks but this time frame can be prolonged base on response of taxpayer.

What can be done if a correction needs to be made?

ReadyGo tax will file an amended return on your behalf with any corrections needed.