ITIN Services

ITIN ( Individual Taxpayer Identification Number type of Tax ID or Taxpayer ID ), an identification number is used to file taxes for those who haven’t obtained a social security number and will not be able to. This number helps taxpayers get a refund from withholdings or tax credits they qualify for when filing a return. It can also allow a taxpayer to get a mortgage loan or a bank account. In most cases when filing for citizenship, taxpayers are required to file a tax return, in which an ITIN would be needed. At ReadyGo tax we provide a FREE application when filing a Federal return with us. This service is extended to all applicants on the return. By filing your application with ReadyGo tax, you can assure your application is correct and the supported documents would be easily verified. Not only can we apply for new applications we also can renew those ITINS who have expired. Anyone who has applied before 2013 has expired and would have to renew the application.


What is the time frame of processing an ITIN Application?

Usual wait times are between 8-12 weeks but can extend depending on IRS load.

What is needed to apply?

Two documents are needed. A form of identification: such as passport, matriculas, drivers license, State ID, Military ID, US citizenship and immigration services ID, birth certificate, medical record( dependent under 6 years old), and school records ( dependents under 18 )

Does having an ITIN authorize me to work?

An ITIN does NOT authorize work in the US or provide eligibility for social.